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Tiger Woods..Master in the Midst of Misery (What we could all learn from him)

Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer ever, just recently won his 5th Masters Tournament. Winning is nothing new to Woods. This Masters alone is his 15th major win. But this one, in my opinion, is the most significant, and here’s why.

If you have followed Woods’ career, or even if you haven’t for that matter, you have heard of him and how talented and successful he is with a club in his hand. For a moment, many sports analysts and fans, (even the haters) thought he was unstoppable. He was breaking records almost every time he stepped on the greens. So why is this win so different? Why should we be paying close attention to this one?

After numerous wins and accolades, this thing called LIFE happened to Tiger. He was losing matches, his marriage collapsed in front of the world to see, and there was even a battle with drugs and alcohol. Yes, LIFE definitely hit Mr. Woods. And in the blink of an eye, the same ones that were singing his praises were delighting in his downfall. Those analysts that said there wasn’t anyone that could beat him, were now saying not only was his career over but they were predicting Tiger’s golf game would never be the same. Brands were pulling endorsements. Fans were turning their backs.

Here’s the lesson: Tiger went quiet. For a while, we didn’t see him on tv, we didn’t witness him playing golf, relationship rumors seemed to cease. Now, I can only imagine during this time, Tiger was ”getting himself together“. Practicing, meditating, healing, ignoring, focusing, and regrouping. Not really sharing with too many of his plans and certainly not responding to all of the naysayers. He got it together! Then BOOM! A comeback that not one single person was expecting. In the face of all those that counted him out. In the face of all those that said he was finished. In the face of all of those that turned their backs on him and ridiculed him. WHAT A FEELING! Those same ones are now singing his praises again.

Sometimes, life hits us and it hits us hard! But we cannot be defeated! And we most certainly cannot listen to the doubters. We MUST prove them wrong. Even if it means “disappearing” for a while. Take all of the time you need to come back stronger than ever! No matter how hard or challenging it gets, it’s just life...MASTER IT!


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