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Timed For Your Protection

My schedule the past month has been very repetitive and like clockwork. Something happened last week that caused me to have to make adjustments for this week's schedule. It threw me off a little bit but it was nothing to complain about.

I woke up this morning, said my prayers, and checked my notifications. I was alerted that there was a fatal shooting on my exact route to work during the hours that I would have NORMALLY been on the train.

I know we hear it all the time but EVERYTHING truly happens for a reason. Whether we understand it or not, most disruptions are for our protection. I think of the times I have been running behind and leave the house late, only to realize how I missed a car accident.

It's so easy to get disgruntled by a disruption in plans. But before you get angry, take a second and ask, or better yet, thank God for your protection. It can truly be a life saver!


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