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Too Broke to Be Healthy

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We strive to be healthy. Trying to maintain a certain weight and eat well balanced foods is the goal. Daily, we are being told what’s bad for us. Doctors and nutritionist tell us what fats are healthy and which ones aren’t. Food companies and brands are promoting organic and vegan over “regular“ foods. In recent years, more and more people are suffering from various food and gluten allergies. Things we could eat as children, we suddenly can eat anymore. We’re being told dairy is bad for us. Red meat is bad for us. Pork is bad for us. My question is, why didn’t people suffer from the same foods decades ago? Our great ancestors ate the exact same foods and lived to be 95 and older. So why are the same foods killing us at 40?

Could it be that it’s not the food itself that is killing us? Instead, is it the pesticides and steroids that are being sprayed and injected on and into everything that is making us sick? And then we are being tricked into buying organic, going vegan, and vegetarian. It’s all BIG BUSINESS!

Even in an attempt to eat healthier, who can afford it? When you are the sole provider of your family and you have 4 mouths to feed, how can you buy expensive organic fruit, vegetables to make smoothies, fresh meat, and unprocessed anything AND PAY THE RENT!?! It’s almost impossible to take one child to soccer and another to dance, while scrambling to get gas, groceries, and make finish the work you couldn’t get to before leaving the office AND eat a balanced meal. Meanwhile, there is a drive thru on every corner offering an entire meal for $4! (Shoutout to Wendy’s)

Everything is big business. Even the business of being healthy. I suggest simply try your best. Exercise more. Take the steps instead of the elevator. Try to cook more and pack your lunch for work. Drink more water. Do what you can to be a healthier you. Don’t fall into the big business of being healthy (by the government’s means). Be healthy on your terms. Don’t fall into the trap of buy this and buy that. Do what you can and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. And remember...beYOUtiful!


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