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too quick to cut off

I was in my office working and reached for my scissors to cut up some paper. Now, I've had these scissors for some time now so they've gotten dull. I went out later that day and purchased new ones. As corny as it sounds, I couldn't wait to start my next project so I could use my new scissors. A few days later, I needed the scissors. Ironically enough, I couldn't open them and had to pull out the old ones. They were too dull to cut through the plastic so I scrapped the blades over a sharpener one time and WALLA! They worked! In fact, they worked so well that I still haven't opened my new ones!

And this is where the "AHA" moment comes in. Why have we become so quick to cancel and cut off things and people? What happened to second chances? What happened to patience and understanding? Now I'm not saying just take any and everything thrown at you. At some point, yes, things and people do have to be cut off. But I'm noticing, as a culture, cut off games have become TOO STRONG! We are allowing people to stay in our lives who should have actually been cut off, while cutting off people that really should be allowed to stay! I saw something that said "Women will forgive a cheating boyfriend 1000 times but will cut off a best friend for not making it to a birthday dinner." Listen! I felt that one in my soul! (It's happened to me)

Think twice before you just start cutting things and people out of your life. Don't act solely on emotions. Not all tares and cuts can be mended.


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