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Travel Chokeholds

Travel Chokeholds

Here are 3 travel pieces that have people in a chokehold…

(1) TSAPre✅

Now I know y’all are already saying it’s necessary…and you are RIGHT! Global entry is a must! But lately, general boarding lines have been shorter than pre check lines and people will still wait. Travelers will even get out of long TSA lines just to go back to the airline counter to have their number added to their reservation.

FUN FACT: You can add your Precheck/Global Entry number to your reservation BEFORE arriving at the airport.

(2) Bag Tags

While it is important to be able to determine which bag is yours on the carousel, having those small paper tags don’t really help much. Invest in a sturdy and even custom tag for your luggage so that you aren’t constantly filling one out and holding up the line at check in.

(3). Oceanfront vs Oceanview. Too many times do I see people leaving negative reviews because their hotel room did not have a clear view of the ocean. But the room that was booked was oceanview not oceanfront. Ocean view is just that…a view of the ocean. It could be a full view, a partial view, or “I can barely see it” view. Oceanfront will give you that clear view of the ocean that you are seeking.


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