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Two Face vs True Face

I was looking for a parking spot when I noticed this bright yellow Hummer kept moving around to get this one particular spot. After going around the truck, I saw there was a very elderly gentleman pushing a cart to his car. He stopped mid stride out of exhaustion. Now, I took notice of how the Hummer just sat there. The driver was determined to get the parking spot that the gentleman was walking past, instead of just going to a different spot.

I got out of the car and asked the gentleman if he was ok and if he needed any help. He immediately and graciously said "YES!" I walked over and noticed he had crutches in the cart and could barely make it a few more steps. I made sure he got in the car, put his groceries and crutches in the back seat, and wished him a blessed day.

Now the woman in the hummer sat and watched the entire time. As I walked by, she opened the door and said "You are such a wonderful person!" I smirked and said "thank you" and headed towards the store. Then she says, "I'm nervous for him because I saw him in the lot earlier and I don't think he should be driving. Maybe I should back uo so he doesn't hit me!"

The way I looked at that woman could probably send me to hell! I was so disgusted with her! I quickly told her that the gentleman shared with me that he had forgotten to take his medication and was feeling weak. And I felt his safety was a little more important than her gas guzzling vehicle! I was livid!

Her "you're such a wonderful person" quickly turned into "tahnk goodness your were kind so I wasn't inconvenienced". What has happened to humanity? When did we become people who cared about a piece of metal more than flesh and bones? Is there any hope for this world or are we truly doomed? Your actions will always show your true face. And time will tell (sooner for some) if you're two faced. Which one are you?

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