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Until You Have A Black Son

We are all created equally. We are created as one.

...Until you have a black son

If you raise your child to be kind, respectful, and have manners, have of the battle is already won

...Until you have a black son

Get your education. Go to college. Jobs and opportunities will be there. The good life has just begun

...Until you have a black son

Go out and see the world. Travel. Party. Live life to the fullest while you’re young

...Until you have a black son

You’ll make mistakes. We all have. But from those mistakes, never run

...Until you have a black son

Hanging with the wrong crowd gets you no where. Don’t share your time or energy with just anyone

..Until you have a black son

Be a man of integrity an honor. Help those in need. Be good to everyone.

...Until you have a black son

These are the things we try to teach our children, as we should. Generations before us passed down these very same morals. But lately, it seems that morals, respect, good manners, and responsibility just isn’t enough for our black sons. I remember getting a call at work from my home alarm company that the panic mode had been set. I immediately call my son to see if he was ok. Thankfully, he was and had hit the wrong button. However, once our panic but is hit, the alarm company automatically alerts the police and sends them to the home. I could hear the sirens on the phone. Even though Nick was fine, I could only remember thinking and praying that the police didn’t show up and “mistakenly“ shoot my child thinking he was an intruder. That was one of the scariest and worst five minutes of my life!

Our children are getting killed left and right buy the very ones that are supposed to protect and serve. Now, let me just stop those RIGHT NOW who are forming their lips to shout anything about black on black crime. We know that’s a problem. The difference is law enforcement officers are being filmed, and most of the time by their own video equipment, killing our black boys and girls, AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!! Crimes that our children are getting 20 plus years for, the powers that be are getting slapped on the wrist. There should never be a time where a news report is given about a wrongful death case by an officer of the law and we shrug it off like a squashed mosquito! We have become numb to it. It saddens me that even now, I make sure to instruct my black son on how to conduct himself if getting stopped by law enforcement! When will it end?

I am always up for a good conversation about any topic and I am sure there will be some that would like to offer their opinion on this one. I welcome it. Let’s talk but just know, you will NEVER understand the passion AND pain in this post...


But for those that would still like to get their point across, please do me ONE favor first; google these names, take a look at their faces and the faces of the families left behind. And if none of these names even ring a bell BEFORE doing your google search, ask yourself one more question and let that question be “Am I a part of the problem”? Then, and only then, will I be able to hear your difference of opinion.

Oscar Grant

Philando Castillo

Freddie Gray

Walter Scott

Tamir Rice

Michael Brown

Eric Garner

Alton Sterling

Botham Shem

De’Von Bailey

Eric Logan

Gregory Hill


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