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Vacation Week Pt. 3: Dinner By The Lake

Vacation was sadly coming to an end. But before we made it back to Maryland, we made a pit stop in Ft. Lauderdale for dinner. The moment we landed, the laughs began. Our Uber driver was a ki-ki!!! She had us tickled the moment we got in the car! She definitely got a 5 star rating!

We went to BoatHouse Riverside for dinner while we waited for our flight. This restaurant was amazing with a wonderful view! We sat riverside and watched as the boats and yachts sailed by. People were literally pulling up on boats, picking up food orders, and sailing away. *Remind me to step my game up!* The service was outstanding! The food and the drinks were top notch! It was the perfect spot to spend a few hours while waiting for a flight.

If you are ever in Ft. Lauderdale, check it out!


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