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WAR: What Is It Good For?

What is war?

The dictionary defines it as a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. It can also be defined as a sustained effort to deal with or end a particular unpleasant or undesirable situation or condition.

***Picture it: Sicily, 1942...The holiday season is approaching and family starts to pour in from all over the world! The excitement of seeing your loved ones is leaving butterflies in your stomach. But suddenly, that excitement begins to fade as you remember that one uncle will be in attendance. You know that uncle; the one the majority of the family hates because of his crassness, rudeness, inability to act like an adult, and is just an all around jerk! Yea, that Uncle! While everyone is inside enjoying family dinner, THAT UNCLE decides to smoke a cigarette in your front yard. He notices the neighbor’s cat handling his business under a bush that’s been neatly groomed at the end of the drive way. In an uncalled for rage, he storms down the driveway...and now, well the neighbors are in a search for a mew furry friend. The time has come for family to return home. The house is clean and quiet again. Peace has returned (so you thought). The neighbors are now acting strange. Your car tires are suddenly flat every other day. Your mailbox is on the ground. Windows are being broken. What’s going on??? Remember THAT UNCLE and his unwarranted rage against the cat? Well guess who witnessed it? The neighbors! And now Uncle Dumb Ass III is gone and you are left to fight a battle with the neighbors. A battle that shouldn’t even be yours.

When Donald Trump decided to give the go ahead to kill Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, I seriously doubt if he had a complete plan of action in the forethought. Now, before you interject your personal thoughts on me about 45, let me just tell you that I couldn’t careless. So, save your breath and your time. This post isn’t even about to be a debate on his ability or INABILITY to President. But what it is about is how our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, family, and friends alike, are being sent to fight a potential war that could have been prevented. Family circles are at risk of being broken because of one person’s immature thinking and knee jerk actions. In a time when so many people are battling personal wars: depression, more bills than money, homelessness, addictions, etc. The money that is being spent on this war is gut wrenched! ESPECIALLY when we have schools that close due to lack of adequate heating and cooling systems and cities like Flint, MI still (STILL) don’t have clean water. And why?

Again, this post isn’t a place to debate why you like or don’t like the current POTUS. But it is a place to visit and think about how the actions of one person (including yourself) can affect the lives of others. I implore you to ask yourself this one question...

War...what is it good for?


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