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Watch Your Mouth

If you are like me, you come from a set of old school parents. My parents were strong and loving and firm. They always wanted what was best for me and made sure that I lived and acted in such a way to receive the best. And for the most part, I did BUT, I sometimes had a problem with my mouth. I was determined to speak my mind and I was even more determined to have the last say. That didn’t always work in my favor. Heck, who am I kidding? It NEVER worked in my favor! I remember making little slick comments under my breath followed by the immediate response of “Watch your mouth!” from my mom.

Watch your mouth. How does one watch his/her own mouth? I’m glad you asked! You can watch your mouth by simply monitoring what comes out of it, think before you speak, and keep your lips closed when speaking isn’t required. In my 40 years of living, I continuously learn the importance of watching my mouth. I wish others would.

Too often do people speak on things that they shouldn’t. Too often are people quick to say what he/she would never do. Too often are rumors being spread without a small search for the truth. Too often are people ready to verbally attack someone without getting an ounce of understanding. Too often are our mouths open and our ears are kept shut. And it could be over some of the most simplest things! For example, I was sitting in the breakroom one day, minding my business, watching a skit by a comedian on my phone. Someone walks up, looks at my phone and says, “You are always watching him! He is so corny! I can’t believe you actually like him.” Now, there was a time when I would have come back with the most bitchiest response ever but I’m learning that every action doesn’t need my reaction. So, I responded with a simple “Yup!” A few months later, that exact same person had the audacity to pull out her phone, show me a skit by that same comedian, and ask me if I followed the comedian on social media. Mind you, she’s in tears from laughing so hard from watching the comedian’s skit. Ladies and gentlemen, it was my time to shine! I said “Oh, the same comedian you thought was soooo corny and couldn’t believe I liked?” Be careful people.

Since I’ve moved to Baltimore, I constantly hear people talk about where I live. How they don’t like the area and ghetto people come from this side of town and how rough it is. And they are rude enough to say it right in front of me. I want to ask who are the real ghetto people but I digress. The crazy thing is, the areas in which these same people live are the areas that are constantly on the news for various crimes. But no mention of that during the snickers and giggles. Be careful people.

You just never know where life will take you. You never know who you might need. Be careful what you say about people and different situations. Even some of those most smallest situations that you have spoken on can make you eat your words. And all words aren’t tasty. So, I beg of you, to save yourself some heartache, pain, regret, and your teeth, WATCH YOUR MOUTH!


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