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We Fly High! Thank You Airline Employees

The pandemic of 2020, Covid-19, seemingly paused the world. Businesses had to shut down, schools were closed, highways were empty, and travel was a thing of the past. People had to remain home and either watch all of Netflix and HULU or stare at the walls.

March of 2021, tables began to turn. Businesses began to open back up. Limitations that Covid-19 placed on companies were being lifted and people started to go outside. Not only did they go outside, they begin to travel!

In March of 2020, travel was something that just simply was not a priority. Airports were empty. Furloughs and rumors of furloughs were spreading through airlines like wildfires. Thousands lost their jobs while thousands more took early buyouts do to a bleak future. Fast forward to a year later and those same airlines don't have enough people to meet demand. What was once empty airport terminals now look like Times Square during New Years Eve.

I'm sure by now, you have seen news reports about cancelled and delayed flights, as well as the shortage of employees. Stress levels are at an all time high. Some days, a simple "thank you" during times like these could mean the world to those that are getting travelers to where they need to be.

So, here is my "Thank You!'

Thank each and every airline employee that worked during the pandemic, with no hazard or essential pay.

Thank the ramp agents who have to weather the scorching heat, downpours of rain, freezing snow, and not to mention most recently, the cicadas.

Thank the operations agents who answer questions while trying to plan their flights and for making sure we are safe by providing accurate weights and balances.

Thank the customer service agents, who have to maintain a smile, while getting cursed out,, screamed at, and made to work 18+ hours back to back and day after day.

Thank the reservation agents, who have to be glued to a chair and phone for hours at a time, being screamed at by angry passengers who think the person on the other end of the phone is responsible for his/her cancelled flight.

Thank the flight attendants, who now have to worry about being physically attacked while maintaining in-flight quality service for hundreds of passengers at one time.

Thank the pilots who work hard to get each and every passenger safely to their destination.

THANK YOU to each and every airline worker (and their families) for not being able to have a positive life-work balance. Those that haven't seen their families in days or have to miss pertinent doctor appointments, or parent-teacher meetings...THANK YOU! Thank you to those employees who have to sleep in their cars in the airport parking lot because they don't have enough time to go home to sleep and shower before their next shift starts. Thank you to the airline workers who cry and pray and pray and cry to keep their sanity, wipe their tears, and do it all over again. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

You, Ramper, CSA, Reservation Agent, Operations Agent, Flight Attendant, Pilot, yes you, are appreciated!

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