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What Lies Beneath

One thing I cannot stand is a liar! Like, why lie? I don’t understand it. In a world of everyone having “receipts” on people and ready to quickly share them, why lie. In a world of social media where people freely share their lives (making almost everything accessible) why lie? Are lies told out of fear? Are they told out of selfishness? Are they told out of anger? Do people not think they will get caught up in their lies? Do they just assume the truth won’t be revealed? And people will lie about the smallest things. Why? Can lies come from a place a love? If so, how? Tell me! Cause baby, I ain’t even gonna lie to you, I’ll cut you off quick, fast, and in a hurry once I realize you are unnecessarily lying to me!

What lies beneath your untruths? What lies are forgivable? What kind are unforgivable? Tell me your thoughts. And don’t lie!


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