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What Lies in the Lysol

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

In the midst of the pandemic, there were some items that were almost impossible to find; laundry detergent, toilet paper, and Lysol. It was very frustrating for cleaning fanatics like myself because even though I have always tried to keep the products I need on hand, not being able to find them when running out was enough to cause an anxiety attack. I had people in different states sending me products when they spotted them because they seemed to be non-existent around here.

A few months ago, vaccines started being released, the world opened up, and people started going back outside. And guess what, Lysol magically appeared back on store shelves. Not only is it on store shelves but you can now find it online as well. So, my question is, are people no longer cleaning? Do you no longer need all the damn Lysol anymore? What's crazy is that now that everyone is outside and mingling again, it seems people should be wanting to use it more. Mask mandates have been lifted, providing you have been fully vaccinated. But the gag is, businesses are not monitoring who has been fully vaccinated or not so anyone can just walk around without a mask nowadays. So, shouldn't this be a time that the Lysol is needed?

As I was thinking about it, because that's just what I do, think about random stuff, it made me realize too often times, people treat others like the pandemic Lysol. They will make sure you are around and act like they need you until something better (like the vaccine) comes along. People will act like you are so important, so wanted, and so needed (like the pandemic Lysol) until something or someone (outside opens) shows up. Let those fair-weather friends go honey! You are nobody's Fabuloso or Great Value. YOU, my love, are the top tier, original, pre-pandemic Lysol!

Now cleanse yourself of the fakes, the haters, and the non-congratulators and keep it moving!


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