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What’s Being Stolen From You?

On Saturday night, I had just gone to bed and dozed off, when I heard my mom coming in my room. A small part of me felt something was wrong before she even said anything because she doesn't bother me once I've gone to bed, especially when I have to work the next morning. "DANI!", she said in a calm yet shocked tone. I opened my eyes and she said "Someone stole my car!" I jumped up and looked out her back window and sure enough, the car was gone! I was livid! I felt so violated. How dare someone come on our property, while we are home, and take something that doesn't belong to them? Of course, we called the police (that interaction is another story for a different day).

I called my friend to tell him what happened and he could hear the emotions in my voice. He said "Ok Dani, talk it out. Let's process your feelings." He let me get everything out until I said "I'm scared and I'm leaving!" He stopped me and told me I better not let fear creep in and steal my joy. And it made me remember, God has not given me the spirit of fear.

I almost allowed an unfortunate event to steal the peace and joy I have been working so hard to obtain.

So what are you allowing to be stolen from you? Is hurt stealing your happiness? Is anger stealing your love? Is resentment stealing your forgiveness? What form of thievery is trying to enter your life? And what are you doing to stop it?

Don't let the misfortunes of life rob you of your peace, joy, love, happiness, etc. Protect your heart. Protect your mind. Guard it so carefully that the moment there is a potential unlawful entry, an alarm of faith will scare it away.

Don't let the enemy rob you of ANYTHING you've been blessed with.

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