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What's In Front of You?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

I recently went out to dinner with a couple of friends and boy did we have an amazing time! (I had too much of a good time...but that's for another day). We had drinks, ate dinner, enjoyed some music, and had an overall great evening. The venues were simply beautiful with some amazing views of the city. One of my friends kept saying how she never knew Baltimore could be so pretty and that she felt like she was in a completely different city. She was in awe of the atmosphere and the vibes that the night was giving, and had no clue Baltimore offered such incredible experiences.

I smiled because she seemed to be really enjoying herself. But it also made me think about how many times people can miss what is right in front of them (including myself). How often have you longed to move simply because your town or city was too boring or just not enough for you? Or what about that relationship that seems stagnant so you decide to step out on your partner? Have you ever prayed for a job and then within months of getting hired you began praying for something different? We have all been there! But just for a second, let's take a different approach:

I come from a small town so I completely understand wanting to move. Heck, I live in Baltimore and I want to move again. But have you ever taken a moment to see if that city or town that you currently reside in has any hidden gems that you might enjoy? Baltimore has plenty! Or what about taking a moment to appreciate the calmness and quietness of country living vs the hustle and bustle and constant noise of moving to a large city. Instead of stepping out of what seems to be a stagnant relationship, find out what can be done to add some flavor to it again. Create some sparks before creating a disaster. Or even try loving the one that is right in front of your face, loving you, instead of searching for an unrealistic love that doesn't even exist. Force yourself to find the good in your current job before jumping ship to another job that looks good for the moment but will make you even more miserable later down the road.

I'm not saying change isn't necessary. Heck, it's inevitable! But what I am saying is find the beauty in what is right in front of your face before jumping ship into a sea of the unknown. And remember, be blessed and beYOUtiful!!!

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