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What’s the Name of the Group!

Boyz II Men!

The best selling R&B group of all time and STILL, my favorite guy group! I have loved these men since I was a child. And here I am, 40 years old, still getting butterflies in my stomach when I see them!

Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, and Shawn Stockman (former member Mike McCary) have been singing our hearts happy since the early 1990’s. And their Vegas residency at the Mirage only lets us know that they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. From hits like “I’ll Make Love to You”, “End of the Road”, to “Bended Knee”, it’s no wonder they have won four Grammy’s, Soul Train awards, and an American Music Award. From dancing to Motownphilly, to crying to hits like A Song for Mama and One Sweet Day, they have touched the lives of so many in some form or fashion! And y’all know, as soon as Christmas season starts, Let it Snow is blasting on the radio.

Boyz II Men, formerly known as “Unique Attraction” (Praise God for the name change), broke Elvis Presley’s Billboard record with End of the Road by holding the number one spot for a straight 13 weeks. They would later, in 1995, break their own record with “One Sweet Day” for holding the Billboard 100 spot for 16 weeks! Their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is definitely a deserved one!

I have been so fortunate to witness these talented men perform live quite a few times. Their music takes me to my happy place. Being in their presence makes me want to act like that 16 year old girl who used to beg her mom to buy their cassette tapes and tape their posters all over her walls. It’s so hard not to be a 40 year old fan girl! LOL It’s hard to choose a favorite moment but I would have to say my most memorable would be my birthday at their Vegas show! I was super excited! I ended up on stage with Wanya (who happens to be my favorite guy), got a birthday dance and kiss, and a rose from him and Shawn. I was on such a high that I had to lay down and missed the rest of my birthday activities. It was worth it! Coming in at a strong second was when I attended their Richmond, Va show. They were singing “A Song for Mama” and the tears started rolling. Shawn motioned for me to come to him while he was singing. I went up to the stage and he sat and held me tight as he sang. Super sweet right? When I lifted my head up, there was a long string of snot on his black leather shirt. How embarrassing! But hey, the long embrace from him overshadowed the embarrassment.

If you need a pick-me-up or just want to take a stroll down memory lane, turn on some Boyz II Men, let your hair down, kick your shoes off, and dance in the middle of your living room floor like nobody’s watching! Remember how good the music made you feel. Let it take the cares of the day away. Be even better to yourself and check out one of their shows. You WILL NOT be disappointed!


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