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When You Can’t Afford to Stop

We are all faced with daily tasks that seem to never stop sometimes. Work takes at least eight hours of our day, our spouses need their time, our children take their own set of hours out of our day, parents and other family members, school, errands, friends require time, church and exercise require time, and not to mention the commute it takes to get to said places. But what’s missing out of all of the above mentioned? YOU! When do you take time for you?

Often times, we get so focused and busy on providing for others that we forget to provide for self. Oftentimes, it’s considered selfish to take care of self. But that’s exactly what it is and not at one time should you feel ashamed! It’s ok to look out for you! Because if you don’t, who will?

I very rarely get sick! Normally, if I feel a bug coming, I’ll take something, drink some OJ, and keep it moving. But this week I was hit like a Mike Tyson punch is the first round back in his prime. I felt horrible. I could barely move. My head would not stop hurting and I was just exhausted! Then, the stuffy nose and achy body followed. Yet, I was still trying to clean the house, make sure my mom was good, and work (including working extra hours). I couldn’t seem to just focus on ME. Instead, my focus was on my mom, the house, the numerous amount of bills that won’t stop pouring in, checking on my friends, etc. Checking on me was the last thing on my mind. Until finally, my body (and my mom) said STOP! I had to. I had to give my body some time to relax, regroup, and heal. And even though I only gave it two days, it was two very much needed days. Now, I have to admit, it felt funny just lying in bed, but boy was it needed.

Moral of the story is, listen to your body! Learn how to take care of yourself the way you take care of others and stop feeling guilty saying NO. It’s important! Sometimes, we get so run down trying to be everything to others that we forget to be some to ourselves. It’s ok to be selfish. Take care of you! And remember to beYOUtiful!


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