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Where Are All the Big Mamas?

I was at work today when two ladies walked up to my counter needing assistance. The younger woman could not figure out why they were no longer checked in for their flight. I pulled up the reservation to see what was wrong and found that they had missed the flight. The two started to bicker (which was when I learned they were mother and daughter). Well, what started off as a small bicker quickly became a full blown, cursing back and forth, shouting match. And I stood there thinking how if I EVER talked to my mom like that, I’d be missing teeth! And I’m 40 years old!!!

What is it that has caused the lack of respect from this younger generation? Why don’t younger people respect and honor older generations the way [we] did? Could it be because they don’t have much guidance? Or could it be that a lot of them have been left to grow and mature and learn on their own? Maybe, it’s because parents are getting younger and treat the offspring as friends more than children. I say, it’s all of that. But also, where are all the big mamas? You know, the old school grandmas that didn’t take any junk! The ones that would whip their child and your child too! The ones who would make sure every child in the neighborhood was fed and taken care of and looked after at any given time.

We are missing them! Instead of the “big mamas”, we have G-ma’s who are at the club more than the kids. We have 40 year olds who struggled as parents but are now taking on the responsibility as grandparents. Instead of teaching the younger children lessons and grooming them for adulthood, we are celebrating their mistakes and daring anyone to speak on them. We are more concerned with their fashion than their future. This has become a world of “don’t tell my child what to do” instead of “thank you for correcting my child.” And then we have the nerve to sit back and talk about what a sad generation it is. It’s OUR FAULT! We dropped the ball! It was my generation’s responsibility to lead and guide these young people but instead, we are somewhere trying to learn the latest dance that they are doing or rapping the latest song that they are listening to.

Where are all the big mamas? Can we bring them back? Can they save some of these kids? Would they be able to pick up where we failed?

Looking back on when I was younger compared to now makes me wish there was a big mama sitting in a rocking chair on at least every other porch on the block. If there are any big mamas left out there, please stand up!!!


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