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Who All Gonna Be There?

As the world is learning more about Shanquilla Johnson, the woman who was allegedly beat and killed by so called "friends" while on vacation in Mexico, more and more people are speaking out about jealousy and envy being shown by those who were deemed as friends.

This case is so tragic and unfortunate! I immediately thought about just recently, a good friend invited me to dinner. Now, I trust this person wholeheartedly! He did tell me who the guests would be and I had to really think about attending because I knew half of the list of invitees does not care for me. Now some would say, you should be mature enough to support your friend and not worry about the others. While that is true, there is also this thing called discernment. And my discernment told me not to go. As much as I love and support my friend, I am learning to protect my peace even more.

I feel for this beautiful girl and her family. I'm sure she felt safe with this group of so called "friends" and probably had No discernment about anyone in that group. This is the very reason we have to be mindful and pray about and for our circle. Ask God who is truly for you and who is not. Pay attention to the "little" things. If you have been friends for years and a small mishap or miscommunication causes you not to be friends, count it as a blessing! Because they probably weren't truly for you all along. You don't have to follow the crowd. Follow the love instead.

I pray for this young lady's family and I hope justice is served. This was truly a senseless and unfortunate event. But it is this very reason why I will forever ask, "Who all gonna be there?" Because I will continue to choose peace over petty.

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