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Why So Sensitive?

Eggshells! That is what we walk on everyday. Scared to say the wrong thing to the wrong people or group and afraid of not being politically correct. You can’t say this. You can’t say that! This one will be offended. That one’s feelings will get hurt. WHAT HAPPENED? When did we as a society become so sensitive?

I remember comedians could go on stage and have the entire venue in tears with laughter, all while joking on themselves, family members, and people in the crowd. Not one person was offended or took it personally. Everyone laughed and kept it moving. You could sit at the lunch table with your buddies and crack “yo mama” jokes daily! We laughed and even complimented the other with “Ok! Ok! That was a good one!” Now, let the slightest thing be said or the wrong person get offended, here come demands for apologies. We are living in a “cancel” society. As soon as someone says something, that most of the time isn’t even offensive, everyone is ready to cancel them! Boo them off the stage. Ruin their career. Why? Are you really offended or do you just strongly dis with the person’s statement? Because guess what, you can disagree and not be offended. Maybe some need to learn the difference.

In a world where there is SO MUCH we can focus on, how about we start to pick and choose our battles. Be offended that there are people who can’t get insulin and other needed meds because of the cost. Be offended that buildings are going up at an alarming rate yet homelessness still exists. Be offended that our veterans are treated like trash. Be offended that having a good job with 40 hours a week isn’t enough to maintain a healthy living environment for yourself and/or your family. Be offended that our brown and back kids are being gunned down in the streets...AND NOT JUST BY EACH OTHER!!! The list could go on and on.

My plee to everybody is to simply lighten up! Everything isn’t a jab and everything isn’t directed to you. Calm down. Be easy. Take a deep breath. Laugh a little. I promise you, it’ll make you fee better! Be good! Be kind! And aways, beYOUtiful!


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