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You Can’t Glaze A Bagel and Call It A Donut

I enjoy a good bagel! Especially one with egg, cheese, and a meat on it for breakfast. It’s a simple meal to have at home and it’s easy to eat while on the go. I also like a good donut. A nice soft glazed one that’s fresh from the oven or one with just the right amount of powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Even though they are same in shape, their taste are very different and very distinctive. So, if I want a donut, I simply cannot glaze a bagel and expect the same results.

It’s the same theory in life. If there is something that you want or need but just can’t seem to get, you have to switch things up. Doing the same thing in just different ways will result in success. If you want a meaningful relationship, you can’t keep dating the same type of person that continuously breaks your heart. No matter how much you glaze or dress up a certain situation or person, it doesn’t change what they are made or built from. If something is working right with your business, don’t keep doing the same thing using a prettier format…switch up your plan!

It’s ok to go after any and everything you want! But make sure you are going about it the correct way. Make sure it’s true and genuine. If you want the world, go after it! Go full force and don’t fake it! Set a plan and stick to it. Don’t settle for less! Because remember, no matter how much glaze you put on a bagel, it will never be a donut.

A Glazed Bagel


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