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Your Pot is Too Small

I was talking to my friend and out of frustration, I began to doubt where my life was headed and why things are suddenly becoming so complicated. I’m finally where I want to be and now it seems like things are in shambles. He said “Dani, your pot is too small!” I didn’t understand at first. But I’m not living to my fullest potential. I’m where I’ve been want to be (for years) and now I’m downplaying my potential. And it led me to ask, why are people (including myself) afraid of success? Personally, I think it’s because I know the work it will take to maintain the level of success I desire. And to be honest, the higher the level, the bigger the devil! Am I too comfortable in my small pot? Yes, which is why my troubles seem to be boiling over. But if I operate out of a larger pot (an enlarged territory) I can do so much more!

What is holding YOU back? Are you operating to your fullest potential or are you boiling over? Is your pot too small? Think about it!

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