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Don't throw down your blessing

In the bible, there is a story that tells how Moses encountered God in a burning bush. Moses saw God face to face! God gave Moses specific instructions on what to do next but Moses was afraid. The crazy thing is, Moses wasn't necessarily afraid of the command, he was afraid that (1) nobody would believe he saw God face to face, and (2) he didn't think he was capable of carry9ing out God's instructions.

Fastforward a bit.... God told Moses to pick up his staff. When he did, it became a snake which scared Moses, causing him to throw it down.

Where are you going with this Dani? I'm glad you asked!

How often have we prayed about something, only to be afraid of it or walk away from it once God gives it to us? One of my friends said to me "Dani, you are the only person I have witnessed pray for something, almost immediately get it, and then don't want it!" I had to think about that thing because he was right!

Stop being afraid of the very blessing you pray for! When God sends you a blessing or a miracle, pick it up and do what He tells you to do with it. Don't throw down your

blessing out of fear!


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