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Don’t Wait to Celebrate

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

The well known, loved, and admired actress, Betty White, passed away on the cusp on the new year. People around the world mourned at the hearing of her passing away. The question was even asked as to why the universe allowed her to transition weeks before her 100th birthday. Fans flocked to social media expressing their future plans to celebrate Ms. White’s milestone birthday and how amazing it would have been to see her turn 100.

It made me begin to think about how many missed opportunities to celebrate we have. Why do we always wait for something major to happen to celebrate? Can we normalize celebrating small victories? Betty White lived to see 99 years…that’s MAJOR! That in itself is enough to celebrate! If you have a small business, don’t wait until you sell out of inventory to be excited. Be excited over a single sale! If you are in debt, don’t get frustrated over not being able to pay off everything at once. Rejoice in paying down a debt in particular. Start congratulating yourself (and others) for the little things! Get excited again! Don’t waste not one single moment waiting for something big to happen! Don’t wait to celebrate…for that day that you are waiting for may never come.


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