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Grateful For the Little

I was watching an episode of The Jeffersons (yes, I watch the Jeffersons) and it was the one where Florence found $2500. She was ecstatic! She went through all the proper procedures to legally keep the money. She began to think of all the things she could do with this financial blessing. About a month passed by and an elderly lady showed up to collect her lost money. The reasons she gave for not claiming it sooner were very valid. Florence had a tough decision to make. She decided to give it back. The elderly lady was so grateful that she offered Florence a 10% finders reward. Florence was so happy! "$250!!! $250!!! That's still a lot of money!", squeled the fiesty maid. But to her surprise, the elderly lady actually had lost $25,000 not $2500. When she told Florence about the actual amount and offered her $2500 vs $250, Florence almost dropped!

Are you grateful for the little? If you went from being given $2500 to $250, would you still be happy? How can God trust you with a mansion if you don't properly take care of your one bedroom apartment? Are you scheduling the needed maintenance to your Toyota while waiting for a Bently? Now this is the one...are you progressively working on and loving yourself while waiting on a mate? And in all of these things, are you being grateful for what you have while waiting for what you want?

Be grateful with the little and you will be blessed with a lot!

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