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Grief...The “Topsy-Turvy” Emotion

Grief, also known as mourning, is a response to loss. That loss can be a loved one, a pet, a relationship, or a job. People grieve for various reasons and in their own way. Grief is an emotion that can hit at any given time in many different ways. Even though it has been said there are five stages of grief, there is no one set way a person grieves. And everyone grieves in his or her own time.

If you have been a constant follower of my blog, you’ll know that just days ago, I posted about spending time with family and friends while they are still here. God must’ve put that on my heart for a reason because here it is, just days later, and I find out a dear friend has passed away from cancer. She just celebrated her birthday two weeks ago.

I was so hurt when my friend called to break the news. I held back my tears until we hung up the phone. Minutes later, I found myself getting angry. Then confusion came. Hurt soon followed again. I couldn’t stay in one emotion for too long. These topsey turvey feelings seemed to just take control of my thoughts.

Grief is very personal. You should never tell someone how to grieve. Everyone will experience grief differently. There is no right or wrong way to express your emotions. Allow people to feel and express their hurt, sadness, and frustration. Let it out! Do what needs to be done to ease your heart and mind. Grief is personal. Don’t let anyone rush you through your process. Pray through it to get through it!

*This is dedicated to Angela Anderson Red Head Ma* Sleep well angel ❤️


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