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How Strong Is YOUR Support System?

Ladies, if you are anything like me, you probably HATE wearing a bra! Some days, you just might want to let the tatas free. Now, if I let mine free, I’ll probably get fired and banned from some businesses! But we know we have to strap our puppies down and go on with our day.

As much as we may not like putting them on, bras can and should offer some support. It helps with posture, gives a more shapely physique, and if worn correctly, can offer back support. When fitted properly, a new bra can work wonders. Those boobs will be sitting honey! But the older the bra gets, the weaker the material gets, causing the breasts to sag. At that point, the bra doesn’t offer much support.

I hear many people saying that they don’t need help, they would rather do things on their, myself, and I. And for some, that may be true. However, for those of us who can admit that every now and then we need the help, let me offer this suggestion to you; you are only as strong as your support system. Like a bra, your support system (family, friends, loved ones) should be holding you up. Your support system should be one of which you can turn to for strength, guidance, and love. And like a bra, there should be different levels (rows) that you can use. Usually on a bra, the third row of snaps give the most support. That could be the equivalent to your spouse, a child, or even a clergy member. The second level (row) might be friends, coworkers, etc. But be sure to notice when your support system is no longer holding you up. Take heed of those that you can no longer turn to. (Now, that doesn’t mean use people for selfish means!) Sometimes, those in your support system are in need of being lifted up. Maybe, like your bras, they need to be rotated. You and your support system should make a continuous effort to lift one another up!

Whenever you get dressed and prepare to put your bra on, I want you to determine if it’s actually supporting you like it’s supposed to. And while determining if it is or if it isn’t, compare it to your personal support system. Are they holding you up or are they letting you fall by the waist side?


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