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Sensory Overload

I was sitting at my computer getting some work done for DGL. My friend called me and I began chatting with him while I was working. At the same time, my mother started talking to me from another room. Simultaneously, the toddler was down right demanding my attention. My heart started to pound and my head started to spin. I tried to my best to divide my attention but I just couldn't do it. I hung up the phone, closed my laptop, and gave the toddler a piece of candy to quiet him down. I just wanted to lay down but felt guilty. But why? Why did I feel guilty?

Too many times, women, have become accustomed to doing and being everything for everyone all of the time. We feel guilty for not helping people. It's frowned upon when we say no. We're called selfish when we put ourselves first. Well I'm here to tell you...all of that is FALSE!

When a phone or laptop starts working at a slower pace due to too many tabs being open, we close the tabs, right? So why not shut down what's causing us to anxiety, stress, and more? It's ok to take a minute and regroup. It's ok to shut everything and everyone out to give you a moment to regain your composure.

Don't allow people or situations to throw you into sensory overload. And in the event that it does happen, close the tabs, control your breathing, alternate your thinking, and delete anything or anyone that makes you feel bad for doing so!


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