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the art of evolution

I was working on my website the other day and I got the sudden urge to change my logo. Now, mind you, I've only had this particular logo for maybe 6 months. I began to ask myself why I was changing it yet again. I started hearing the voices of others in my head telling me in the past how I'm so indecisive and how I can never make up my mind or stay in one place. It almost made me change my mind on making a new logo. But then, clear as day, I heard "it's ok to evolve".

Evolution- the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

This is what has been happening lately. I have been evolving. I'm changing into the woman that I want to become, not the daughter, mother, friend, sister, or worker that everyone expects me to be. And I must say, it feels amazing! I'm learning how to say NO more. I'm learning how to speak and live in my truths. I'm learning that what once made me happy doesn't give me joy anymore. I understand how placing (and respecting) boundaries can be a life saver.

Do I think I'm better than anyone? Yes! I am better than the person that I was a few years ago, a few months ago, and even yesterday. And those that cannot respect that or feel that I have been "acting funny", clearly don't understand the art of evolution.

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