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The Sides of Shadows

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The other day while at work, a few of us were laughing and talking about random things and the topic of "dislike" came up. We began to discuss how one of them doesn't care for a friend of mine. So I asked what was the exact reason she doesn't like me being in this particular friendship and her response was, "What does this friendship do for you? What do you benefit from it?" From the outside looking in, I can see how those were valid questions. But I explained she only saw one side of our friendship. The other side was the flip side of the shadow.

What do you mean by "flip side of the shadow", Danielle? I'm glad you asked!

In the friendship in question, I'm the vocal and the seen one. I blog and post about my daily experiences (good and bad). I'm the one ready to smile and pose for the pictures. My friend, on the other hand, is the other side of the shadow...the one that gives me ideas and suggestions to grow my platform; the one that pushes me when I'm ready to quit; the one that checks me when I'm wrong; the one that has opened my eyes to new experiences; the one that tells me how to pose for the pictures I love being in.

Have you ever been around a child that sees his/her shadow? They are usually mesmerized! Even some adults get enjoyment from playing in their shadow. But when this occurs, the focus is usually on the shadow itself, not the light behind it.

Remember, there are two sides of a shadow. Both sides won't always be seen at the same time but it takes both to make the shadow complete.

***And I'm super grateful for those that check on, notice, and look out for my side of the shadow ***

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