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A Servant's Heart

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

I recently went out to eat (what's new) with my friends and family. We all got appetizers, entrees, drinks, and more. The table was full of plates, silverware, and glasses. The food was amazing, and we had a good time! When the server approached the table to remove the dishes, we immediately began to stack the dishes and make it easier for the waiter to carry the items to the kitchen. He was so grateful and kept thanking us for assisting him. He then asked had we ever been waiters or servers. When we all said no, he said he was surprised because not only did we stack the dishes perfectly, but we seemed to understand how helpful that was to him.

It made me begin to think how one (what's normal to us) simple act, was an amazing kind service to him. I thought to myself this is something that should be second nature to people. But then I remembered how often I hear people say, "Oh that's not my job or let someone else do it." But why?

God put us here to serve. Whether it's serving Him or serving others, we are required to serve. Now granted, we can't, nor are we required, to do EVERYTHING! But what is the harm in helping someone in need out? Wouldn't you like some sort of assistance when needed?

Moral of the story is, and you should already know what I'm going to say... BE KIND! Do unto others as you would have done unto you! It could literally make someone's day!

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