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Beauty is in the EYE of the Beholder

Beauty, as defined by Webster's Dictionary is: the quality or aggregate or qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. But what is YOUR definition of beauty? What makes you beautiful? What are some daily aspects of nature that you find to be beautiful and why? We often find the innocence in new born babies beautiful or the wisdom in our elders that have seen more things than we could ever imagine beautiful. Is it one's outside appearance that makes them beautiful or is it their spirit that makes them beautiful? Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, in a world of social media models, fake butts, super charged lips, inflatable breasts, and non existent waists have become a common place. Our young girls (and even some of our seasoned ladies) are going through drastic measures to look like the Instagram girls who have spent more money than they would probably like to admit creating the "perfect body". But what does that "perfect body" look like? And what come with it? A degree? A house? A career? (I said a career not a job) What happened to loving yourself just the way you are? Now don't get me wrong. I completely understand wanting to change a few things like shedding a few pounds or even adding some or sporting a new hair color. Rock those press on nails. Glue those lashes on and bat hose pretty eyes! I'm here for it! I just need help with understanding what causes one to surgically change the appearance of their bodies SOLEY because of the thoughts and looks of others. Don't let the world dictate what you should look like and DEFINITELY do not let anyone make you feel less worthy than what you are because you don't look like how they feel like you should. Stay true to yourself and always remember...beYOUtiful!


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