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Dream Pusher

So y'all know I have been doing my food blogger thing, right? I started doing it for fun because I was always somewhere eating, and I always have my phone either in my hand or close by. It quickly became an exciting hobby! I have had the pleasure of enjoying some fantastic meals and meeting some amazing people. I used to remember scrolling social media and wishing I could meet some of the food bloggers that I follow and being able to dine with them. And with time, I have! My dreams and goals of getting invites to some pretty dope establishments have come true and are still coming to fruition. I am truly blessed!

But for some reason, my goals and dreams began to get stale, like old bread! And for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why. I took myself out to eat one day and truly began to reflect on why I was becoming so unhappy with the very thing that I had prayed for. Any my answer came quickly...COMPARISON (the thief of joy)! I was beginning to compare myself to larger creators. I had to realize that those people that I was comparing myself to have been in it much longer and have way more experience. But the biggest lesson I had to learn was to be very cautious and mindful of who I listened to.

Everyone's dreams and goals does not and will not align with yours. Like I stated above, I have met some amazing food bloggers and content creators. And they have all dropped gems and given me so much advice and suggestions to grow my blog. Words cannot express how truly appreciative I am. But I also noticed, some of those suggestions became more like dream pushers. Their goals and dreams were being pushed onto me.

Here's what I mean...

Many content creators want to create full time or are already doing so. It is their only means of income. So going super hard and producing content to create the best payment is what they need to do. And I'm here for it! BUT that is not MY reality. I had to remind myself that I have a full-time job, that allows me to travel the world, which in turn, allows me to add so much more content to my blog. I had to change my mindset. And believe it or not, that adjustment to my mindset can be seen in my content. I was so focused on trying to get paid for my work, that I forgot I actually loved doing it for fun. The moment I stopped trying to do and be what everyone else thought I should, it became fun again!

Sometimes, we have to take a step back and ask ourselves, are we truly living out our dreams or are we trying to live the dreams of others. Live in YOUR reality! Live out YOUR dreams. It's perfectly fine to learn and grow from others but just make sure you apply it to YOUR vision!

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