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Drop It Like It’s Hot

Have you ever been so hungry or have just been so excited to taste a particular food that even though you knew it was scorching hot, you tried to eat it anyway? Those good smelling salty fries were just too much to resist, so you grabbed one out of the bag but it was just too hot! So you dropped it! As good as it looked and as good as it smelled and as bad as you wanted it, it wasn’t quite ready for consumption. You had to let it cool off and allow it to get to a point where you could handle it. Sounds familiar? Those hot fries can be some of the issues we have going on in life right now. Maybe some of the things we are praying for are just too hot to receive right now. Maybe, if we get what we ask for when when ask for it, we might get burned. Is it possible that God is allowing your prayers to cool off so that you can be more prepared to receive them?

Keep ordering those fries loves (praying those prayers). And sit patiently while the fresh ones are being prepared for you! But don’t forget that they just might need to cool off a bit before consumption can be truly enjoyed! Because if not, that very thing you’ve been longing for, might have to be dropped like it’s hot!

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