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Gas Up the Pacer

My Martin fans will get the title LOL...

Martin had to go somewhere quickly. He told his best friend, "Cole, gas up the pacer! Let's be out!" Now I know we have all heard the saying "Stay ready so you won't have to get ready!" And there's so much truth to that. But what happens when in all your readiness, you forgot to gas up the pacer? And the pacer is YOU.

How many times have you found yourself preparing for the day, including everyone and everything but yourself? You get up and get the kids ready for school. You make sure your partner's items are by the door, ready for them to grab on their way out the door for work. You make sure the house is clean and food is prepared. You go yo work and do what's needed to obtain a paycheck. You pump all of this fuel into everyone else but YOU.

When was the last time you gassed up your own pacer? When was the last time you took a solo vacation just to smell the flowers and feel the breeze? When was the last time you treated yourself to a nice dinner? When was the last time you turned the tv off, put your phone on mute, and just sat in a still and quiet place? When was the last time you cared about nothing or nobody but YOU?

Every now and then, you must gas up your own pacer. You can't go anywhere or assist anyone when you're on empty. The fanciest of cars can go absolutely nowhere with the proper fuel...and neither can you.

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