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If You Want To Be Waited On, You Must Learn How To Wait

The other day, down at the PYNK, (aka my job), there was a passenger who came up to the self service line. He wanted someone to do the transaction for him, so he was advised to join the full service line. This did not make him happy! The gentleman stated that the line was too long and he didn't feel like waiting. He wanted to be waited on but didn't want to wait! How ironic!

Here comes my "AHA" moment...We often expect God to wait on us but we don't like the wait. People want things how they want it and when they want it. But most times than not, the wants don't coincide with our time frame. And that's when we have to ask ourselves is the want worth the wait. Ooooo that was a word!

And if that want is worth the wait, stir up your patience and let it simmer because your timeframe definitely does not match God's.


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