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Just Say the Word

I was on the shuttle headed to work yesterday and a good friend plopped down beside me. We were chatting about random stuff, like we normally do, trying to mentally prepare for work. But then she said something that stuck with me for the rest of the day. She said "Danielle, you never look like what you go through. You handle and carry whatever problems you have or are having very well!" Y'all! I had to hold back my thug tears. That small word of encouragement meant so much!

How often do you offer an encouraging word? It only takes a minute to brighten someone's day. And I know what you're thinking; how can you encourage someone when you need to be lifted up? It's easy...just do it! Your positive attitude towards someone else could lift your own spirits.

In a world of sadness, depression, and darkness, take a second to be someone's bright light. It only takes a second and could truly save a life!


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