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Season Both Sides

I was watching tv and one of the characters was cooking dinner. They took the meat from the fridge and began to season it. I noticed they only seasoned one side, which is the side we could see. Now, when I cook, I season both sides of my meat (and the flour). Even though it was just tv, I couldn’t stop thinking about that one sided seasoned meat and how bland it probably looked on the other side.

And you know this led me to an “AHA” moment. Are you seasoning all sides of yourself or are you just spicing up the outside, leaving the inside bland? Do you flavor your mental health just as much as your outward appearance?

All parts of you need equal seasoning! We must take care of ourselves; mind, body, and soul. Too many people are looking like a million bucks on the outside but feeling broken and battered on the inside. It’s time to start putting ourselves first and spicing our whole selves up with a little razzle dazzle!

Because if you don’t do it for you, who will?


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