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Stuck and Stagnant or Planted and Promised

My son was graduating high school in 2017 and with graduation, came the decision on which college to attend. He finally settled for the University of Baltimore, which led us to move to Maryland. I started my job search and found a job literally within weeks of beginning my job hunt. I had an interview and got hired on the spot. So, here I am, headed to Baltimore. My son is about to attend college, I’ve accepted a job with a great company that offers good benefits (including travel), and I’m moving to a larger city that offers much more than my small hometown could. Exciting, right? One would think!

So here I am, in this big city, with hopes and dreams and plans of bettering myself and my family, and it seems like life begins to fall apart! I didn’t understand it. I began to get frustrated and depressed and just was not happy. I honestly felt lost. I felt like I was failing at life. I could not understand for the life of me what was happening.

I’m a praying woman. I have always tried to maintain my faith. But this day, my prayer was different. One day, I literally laid on the floor, face down in tears, crying out to God. I pretty much demanded that he tell me why was I in this place! Why would God bring me here to fail?

Now, before I give you the response I got, let me just share with you that the move to Baltimore has been great to the one we moved here for, Nicholas! School is good, he found a job that he enjoys and has been promoted, makes good money, has purchased his first car, and is overall LIVING HIS BEST LIFE! Heck, even my mom has gotten two (or three) raises on her job since being here. So why am I the only one struggling God? Why did you move me here?

His answer took my breath away! Clear as day, he said to me, “Danielle, this move wasn’t for you. It was for Nicholas! You wanted him to be successful and he is!“ I was blown away! I hadn’t even thought about it like that. Here I am, feeling stuck and stagnant but this entire time, I (and my family) had been planted! We were planted here for a reason but now we just had to live out our promise! God promises he will never leave us nor forsake us! We just have to remain faithful and patient.

Are you feeling stuck and stagnant? Is there something you’ve been praying on/about and doesn’t seem like it’s coming to pass? Stop and think and ask yourself have you been planted and ALWAYS, remember the PROMISE!


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