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The courage to clap

Have you ever been working on something, praying about a situation, or just desiring something to happen, and then out of nowhere, BOOM, it happens for someone else? And not only does it happen to/for somone else, it's someone that you know and are close to. How does that make you feel? For many, it can be frustrating, discouraging, and even disappointing. But unfortunately, in today's world, you cannot express those feelings without being labeled a hater or an op (as the kids say). If you aren't clapping and applauding for the next person, you're deemed as being jealous.

Isn't it possible to have two different emotions at the same tme? I can be extremely happy for your success and frustrated that mine hasn't come yet, at the same time. That doesn't make me a hater. That doesn't make me jealous. It makes me a person that has real feelings.

If someone doesn't immediately clap for your success, don't take it personal. You don't know the strength and/or the courage it took for them to clap (all while feeling down).

Give people grace. Everyone isn't jealous or envious of you. Some are just trying to get through life and accomplish their hopes and dreams. You too, one day, might have to muster up the courage to clap for someone.

Remember that.


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