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Toilet Paper Love

Danielle, what are you talking about? What the heck is toilet paper love? Ok. Hear my out!

Toilet paper is a necessity, right? We all need it. Let’s think about how we us it for a second When needed, we pull some off of the roll, use it, and keep it moving. The time comes when we need it again and we repeat the same steps. But then there comes a time when we reach for the roll and there’s nothing there. No problem…just grab another and repeat the process.

Is there someone in your life that is treating you like a roll of toilet paper? They use you and pull from you until there is nothing left. And then when you are empty, they toss you to the side and start using someone else.

Get rid of these people ASAP! Because who is going to pour into YOU after you’ve poured into everyone else? Think about it! Stop letting people pull from you and using you leaving you bare! You are not a piece of crap! Act accordingly!!!


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