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Get Used To The Real

I think fresh flowers are absolutely beautiful and can brighten any room! Whenever I buy flowers, I always place them on my dining room table or on my coffee table. For Valentine's Day, I was given this beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers but this time, I placed them in my bedroom. I positioned them so it would be the first thing I saw when I woke up. By day three, they started blooming and spreading out of the vase. I was pleasantly surprised! But I had to ask myself why the blossoming of the bouquet caught me off guard.

Here's why...

Even though I love fresh flowers in my living room, I always have artificial flowers in my bedroom. I was so used to not seeing any growth or activity from the artificial flowers that I had seemingly forgotten the beauty that the real ones bring.

Have you been around the fake too long; Fake jobs, fake friends, fake security, fake happiness, etc? Have you gotten so accustomed to an artificial lifestyle that you have forgotten how good and peaceful the real is?

I encourage you to get back to the real, in every aspect of your life! It's a beautiful thing!


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