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Todd Conner’s...A Delicious Hidden Gem

My friend and I were on our way home one day and we were starving. Tired of fast food, we were on the hunt for something different and fulfilling. I wanted breakfast but she wanted brunch it was! We made our way to Fells Point and was headed to get some Captain Crunch french toast however, the wait was much more than our stomachs were willing to participate in. So we walked a few feet up the street and saw a quaint diner on the corner. We peeped in and didn’t see many people but we thought what the heck and gave it a shot! We were greeted by a friendly waitress and was told we could sit anywhere we wanted. My friend and I made our way to a table in the back where we were able to enjoy our brunch alone. Our orders were placed (which included mimosa) and a few short minutes later, we were blessed with one of the best brunches I’ve had! Todd Conner’s did not disappoint! I ordered the crab benedict and let me tell you...I wanted to lick the plate! The crab meat was cooked to perfection. The eggs were done just right! The potatoes were seasoned from Heaven! My friend said her sausage tasted like it received a full college scholarship! I almost spit my mimosa out laughing at her!

I thoroughly enjoy a restaurant that not only serves good food but also offers excellent hospitality! And that is exactly what I received at Todd Conner’s in Fella Point! Do yourself a favor and go!


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