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Catch Me at Cafe 1137

As most of you know by now, I work for a major airline, which allows me the privilege of traveling all over to experience various tasty treats. But how dope is it finding a spot right in your hometown that excites your palate in ways you never imagined!

I have been hearing of this place, Cafe 1137, that supposedly has some of the best platters in Baltimore. I told my son about it (who loves to eat) so we decided to give it a try.

It was amazing!!! I got a grilled shrimp platter. It is served with a bed of garlic butter rice, mixed with lump crab meat and corn, with a choice of different kinds of meat (chicken, shrimp, or fish). The rice was perfectly cooked and they weren’t skimpy with the crab meat (like most places are).The shrimp had this amazing sauce that brought out flavors I wasn’t even expecting to taste! My son got the catfish platter. Needless to say, he is ready to go back! The ONLY disappointing moment was I wanted the chicken but they were out I’m actually kind of glad because the shrimp was to die for!

If you ever get a chance and are in the West Baltimore area, do yourself a favor and check out Cafe 1137. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!


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