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TrY Seafood Cary

On today's episode of "Where We Bout to Eat At?" is TrY Seafood in Cary, NC!

I walked in and the owner, Gina, greeted me with the nicest welcome and smile. She explained in great detail, the different menu items and food options. We chatted a bit about both of us (myself and the restaurant) being new to the area. Gina is such a delight! Her presence alone makes me want to return!

Now the food...

I ordered the empanadas. I don't know what it is lately, but I've been having this craving for chicken empanadas. (And no, I'm not expecting). When I tell you these empanadas tasted like someone's abuela took a nice long nap and woke up with the spirit of cooking on her hands! Geesh! I ate those and got another order to go! I have no clue what the dipping sauce was but try it!

For my entree, I got the frilled salmon with rice, potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. The salmon was perfectly seared! The rice and potatoes were an absolute addition to the salmon. The potatoes were soft and buttery and too good to pass up. The macaroni and cheese had to have been made by someone's Big Mama that has been prepping for the family reunion, ready to put her foot in it!

Now, y'all, this next item was a shocker! Those that know me will tell you I never eat corn bread. It's never been my thing. I politely told Gina I didn't want any but she cut me a huge slice and brought it over to my table and told me to try it. Reluctantly, I took a small forkful and tasted it. OMG! The softness, the sweetness, the way it melted in my mouth... I am now a favor of Gina's cornbread. It was so good! I started to ask for another piece.

TrY Seafood Grill is definitely a new favorite of mine! From the professionalism, to the food, to the location, and the little extras, such as outlets at each booth to charge phones and laptops; it is a must have if you are in the area!

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