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Big C’s Waffles

So, I was super hungry (per usual), and I decided to get some chicken and waffles. I’ve been hearing about this place that supposedly has the best waffles, so you know I had to try it out!

I got the bacon and egg waffle…I said the bacon and egg waffle! Y’all, the bacon and eggs are cooked INSIDE the waffle! When I tell you it was out of this world!!! I also got a pecan waffle (cause I love pecans). When topped with the warm maple syrup, it melted in my mouth! Next up, was the chicken! You get a chicken and waffle combo for $12! Not bad, right? You can pick any waffle from the menu and pair it with four juicy, golden, perfectly fried drumettes.

Now, y’all know I’m a sweets girl! Baby, they have fried oreos on the menu! You know I got them, right? They were fried to freaking perfection! It was the perfect dough to cookie ratio! Did I eat all of them, you ask? Mind you business ok! Just mind ya business!

I washed it all down with a cup of Granny B’s tropical punch! This punch took me down memory lane. It tasted like extra sweet red kool-aid on a hot summer’s day after running around with your friends until the sun went down.

This place is a must! Customer service was great! The food was excellent! I will definitely be going back!

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