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Addy’s Barbeque (Baltimore)


Now y'all know I'm ALWAYS looking for something good and new to eat! I was scrolling thru social media and found Addy's Barbecue, so I decided to try it out.

We got the mac and cheese, burger and fries, and chicken over rice.

The mac and cheese was ok. It has soooo much potential. I think it would be perfect if the noodles were seasoned and cooked a tad bit longer.

The cheeseburger and fries were ok for the price point. I would like to try something else though.

Now the chicken over rice....that was delicious! It comes with a handful of fries and veggies. But what stood out was the white sauce that topped the chicken. It was AMAZING!

The service was nice! The staff was friendly and helpful. They were also speedy with our order.

The building is somewhat small so you may not get a seat on a crowded day. But perfect for takeout.

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