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The Meat Sweats

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Over the weekend, my brother and his friend came to town. Now, if you know my brother, you know the man can EAT! So, I was trying to think of a place that would fill him up without emptying his pockets. I came up with the perfect place…Mount Vernon Market Place.

MVMP has several local eateries that serve some amazing food and drinks. But there was one in mind that I thought would be perfect for my brother and that was Cheezy Mikes!

Cheezy Mikes serves up some of the best bar-not so- bar foods ever! From the cheesesteak egg rolls, to the brisket grilled cheese, to the succulent wings. It’s ALL GOOD! They even offer vegan options. My brother ordered almost one of everything on the menu! He ate so much, he broke out into a sweat! He even thanked the owner/chef for such a good meal. If you haven’t checked out Cheezy Mikes yet, do so! The food, the music, the staff…it’s all a vibe!


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