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Smoqnmeat... baltimore bbq

Check out this new Baltimore BBQ restaurant!

I heard there was a new barbeque spot in Baltimore and y'all know I just had to pull up! Smoq-n-meat is a black owned barbeque restaurant located in the Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore, Maryland. This is there second location.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed my time here! For starters, there logo is "Home of the meat slingers". Now, I don't know where your mind went but ummm...yea LOL!

The owner, as well as the entire staff were so hospitable! They explained and gave descriptions of everything that they served me. I watched as they interacted with their customers and every single customer was treated with kindness and friendliness.

Now let's get into this Baltimore bbq!

-The slow cooked ribs are offered with three different types of sauces: Mothers, Bourbon and Nashville hot. The Bourbon was my favorite!

-Ribs tips were cooked to absolute perfection!

-Brisket was nothing short of amazing!

-Mac Bows, which consisted of a layer of macaroni and cheese with your choice of meat as a topping. I could eat it all day!

-The pulled pork and pulled chicken were perfect alone or on a sandwich.

-The baked beans were savory and sweet, just like I like them!

This food reminds me of a nice summer day at a cookout while watching your aunties dance to Frankie Beverly with a red solo cup in their hands.

Would I go back? ABSOLUTELY!

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