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Bragging About Blessings...Hmmm

Let’s just jump right into this. I wonder do people truly understand what it is to be blessed. I know blessings can be represented by different things for different people. However, do you know what it is to TRULY be blessed?

There’s a young woman that I follow on social media (she’ll remain nameless in this blog) because she is an excellent business woman and a dope makeup artist. She has multiple businesses here in Baltimore and each are very successful. I researched her a little and learned she has an amazing story (as I’m sure you all do). Even though I’ve never met this beautiful black queen, after learning of her past and watching her present, I found myself being incredibly proud of her. But there’s one thing that bothers me...the appearance of bragging about her blessings.

Now lets get this straight. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing your good fortune or testifying about where you’ve come from. But it is something totally different when you are constantly flaunting your fortune and wealth in other people’s faces, especially those who are poverty stricken. And no, I am not saying dwindle your lifestyle for the sake of others. But what I am saying is know when to stunt and know when to be humble. Like, do you really need to drive your $250,000 vehicle to a feed the homeless event? AND TAKE SELFIES IN FRONT OF IT AT THE CURB WHERE THE VERY ONES YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FEEDING LAY THEIR HEADS EVERY NIGHT!!! Child please! Know when to stunt and know when to be humble.

For the first time in my life, at 40 years old, I purchased a brand new vehicle. I was so excited! It was truly a blessing (in every sense of the word). But what I didn’t do was shout out my blessing to the world, and here’s why. I knew that there were others around me who needed vehicles. I knew that there were others around me that were having car trouble. And even though most would have been happy for me, not everyone wants to celebrate your blessing when they are in need of the same miracle. Get what I’m saying?

I think this society has confused having material things as being a blessing. And at times, it is. But blessings can also be having your health and strength, not being hurt on the job, hell, having a job. Being able to open your refrigerator and freezer and pulling out food, turning on the light switch, and having the bulb become illuminated instead of remaining in darkness, and having healthy children are all examples of blessings. The list could go on and on.

But how often do we brag about ANY of the above mentioned blessings? We don’t. But the moment we get that new car, or new house, or new bag, or those expensive concert tickets, or fancy jewelry, here comes the brag...oops, I mean, sharing the blessing.

Know when to stunt and when to be humble but no matter what, remember, to ALWAYS beYOUtiful!


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